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Finding Employment

Hadfield Institute’s “Finding Employment” project aims to improve the outlook of people identified as economically inactive citizens, by removing barriers to employment. It promotes a holistic yet gradual approach toward “work readiness”, which helps beneficiaries to define their own goals and make subsequent progress.

The main focus is on giving participants meaningful access to job opportunities, but equally, on developing participants’ capacity to take ownership of their job search.

If you have been unemployed for some time, our qualified advisors can refer you on to a key worker who will support you for up to a year until you have secured paid work.

We also provide help and advice on available routes into education, training and adult learning.

Case study: Sarah*, an English and French speaker, graduated in 2007 with a lower-grade degree in Business. Despite making several job applications she was unable to secure a full-time position in her field and often had to do manual work to make ends meet.

During one of her internet job searches, Sarah came across a translator’s opportunity at an African-based charity. The enthusiasm and commitment she showed on her application helped Sarah to be successful as the position did not require her to emigrate to Africa.

Sarah then joined a short course to improve her business communications skills, which also helped to redefine her work goals and altogether narrow her search focus.

Today Sarah has just been offered a public relations role within a charity based in the UK.

*Not her real name