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Throughout the world Britain is known for the diversity of its people.

Hadfield Institute has always been a great place to see this in action. Indeed diversity is not just something we do. It’s who we are…and with so many languages being spoken at the Institute, ours is a truly international learning centre.

Moreover, our cultural diversity programmes aim to improve communications for UK-based organisations working with speakers of other languages locally, nationally, and much further afield. The programmes include:

  • Short introductory courses for employees who want to learn a foreign language
  • Cultural diversity training


We could also review your strategic plan if you are a business or civil society organisation with a global focus.

Learner’s tip: Our “Mirror Learning” management programmes are an effective way to gain valuable insight into cultural diversity development within various organisational contexts. In particular, the one-day-sessions provide your managers exclusive access to another organisation’s diversity strategy, effectively helping your team to decide if what is being implemented there may work for you.

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