Careers Advice and Guidance


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Careers Advice and Guidance

Unsure what your next professional step should be? Our qualified advisors are here to help. They will guide you through the pitfalls of choosing a job that suits your needs, is right for your circumstances, and even fits your personality.

Think of it as a customised jobcentre service…that is, tailored for who you are today and designed around what you’d like to become in the future!!!

The Institute’s careers advice and guidance service offers plenty in the way of support to students who need:

  • CV writing tools
  • Advice on different job searches
  • Help in finding work
  • Confidence building sessions
  • Guidance on completing application forms
  • Interview skills practice
  • Assistance with being “work ready"
  • Support before and after you find work
  •  Interview tips and techniques

Case study:  Our advisor ran an “employability session” with a group of English learners.

The advisor required each learner to discuss their motivation for applying for jobs, and wanted to know if the learners had thought about entrepreneurship as a route into employment.

At the end of the session many participants said they would welcome the opportunity to set up their own business