The health of our learners is important to us.     

This section is designed to help make you familiar with what is available in terms of health services in Sheffield. As the organisation which oversees health and care issues across the UK, most of these services will come under the umbrella of the National Health Services, or NHS.


Your GP or General Practitioner is the doctor who covers the area where you live. It is important that international students register with a GP when they come to the UK as this means they can be seen by a doctor if needed.

When you call your GP surgery you will be allocated an appointment time and date to see the doctor.  Please make sure you attend, or let them know in advance if you are unable to do so. The service is free, but you may be asked to pay a small charge for prescription drugs.

Accident & Emergency

Every UK hospital has an Accident & Emergency department, commonly known as A & E. As its name suggests, the service is available to patients who need to be seen a matter of urgency (e.g.: excessive bleeding from a cut).

Walk- In Centres

Both registered and unregistered patients can visit a “walk-in centre”.  These facilities are designed to assist patients who may be without a doctor’s appointment but require assistance for minor injuries or ailments.

Dental Clinics

Patients with dental health needs can either contact an NHS Dentist or a private dental clinic. Please note private treatments often cost more.


Already in the UK? Then call 111 if you wish to receive assistance from a health advisor via the telephone. The service was recently added to the wide range of NHS contact points.

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